Photo taken after Big Chop October 2019


Happy Hair Fusion® was created by Tamiya B. Dubin, an entrepreneur & former FORD print and runway model. For years, Dubin was known for her signature short afro and occasional twists. During that time, she tried a plethora of natural hair care products on the market to help manage, moisturize and define her curly locks. Not quite satisfied with the results she was getting, in 2010, Dubin, a lifetime vegetarian who lives solely as a vegan, decided to combine her background in science with her commitment to organic foods and a healthy lifestyle to create a natural hair care product free of parabens and other chemicals that have been shown to cause damage – and even hair loss – in men and women with natural, colored and processed hair. The result is Happy Hair Fusion®, a product so revolutionary and versatile that it can be used on all hair types to define, moisturize, condition and manage naturally curly hair, as well perform as a hair dress and heat protectant. “I began deep conditioning, styling and moisturizing with Happy Hair Fusion® and people would stop me and inquire about my hair and the product I was using,” Dubin says. She began selling the product at local retail stores and later on and eBay. Today, the news about Little Miss Fuzzy Head® has spread across the Internet and has been featured in various hair blogs, The Chicago Tribune, Oak Park Journal, Oak Leaves Newspaper and